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‘Tis the Season for Self-Care

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s no doubt that your stress level may be in high gear as well.

According to an article published by Healthline News, stress can affect your health in ways you’ve never realized. From early aging to heart-related problems, chronic stress can also make it difficult to control your emotions, can ruin your teeth and gums, can affect your love life, contribute to obesity and wreak havoc your immune system.

As you prepare for the upcoming festivities and seasonal gatherings, remember to take care of yourself by scheduling time to relax, de-stress and actually enjoy the season.

Ideas for self-care include going to a movie, taking a long walk, or treating yourself to a massage, a manicure or a pedicure. Attend a meditation class, go to a local concert, or take yourself out for a healthy meal and read while you savor a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle. Whatever it is that helps you unwind and decompress, do it for you!

Winter fairs are also fun. On Saturday, December 10, Wellness Rocks! will host their Annual Holiday Extravaganza from 11am to 6pm. The fair is focused on holistic health, wellness and eco-friendly gifts offered by a variety of vendors and practitioners alike. Consider giving the gift of wellness to those near and dear. The first 100 visitors will receive a goody bag. Sit and enjoy a few refreshments and enjoy a free hug (from me) and learn the healing benefits of touch.

In addition to free hugs, and assorted goodies, In Your Arms, LLC will be offering alternative touch therapy through cuddling to help individuals find relief from everyday stress, anxiety and loneliness induced by our virtual world with platonic physical interaction: cuddling, holding hands, conversing, or any combination therein, all in a safe, warm and confidential environment.

Each gift certificate package includes an introductory phone call, a meet and greet, the session itself, and an aftercare call the next day.

Virtual hugs will also be available, with all proceeds donated to an organization dedicated to supporting the healing power of touch, or will be used to bring the healing power of touch to those in need including veterans, hospices, children’s hospitals, etc. More information will be at the In Your Arms table the day of the fair.

Self-care is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones. Be good to yourself this season.

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