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"No other form of communication is as universally understood as touch. The compassionate touch of a hand or a reassuring hug can take away our fears, soothe our anxieties, and fill the emptiness of being lonely."

Randi G. Fine

About In Your Arms

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Human beings thrive on contact – physically and mentally – and it is no secret that an embrace with another person can make us feel good. But experts now claim that touch can do more than comfort – touch can heal!


Even a gentle touch releases the hormone “oxytocin” – the feel-good hormone – which helps relieve stress, lessen anxiety, depression and creates a sense of happiness and well-being.

Benefits of Physical Touch

  • Improves Mood:  Platonic touch has been proven to release oxytocin in the brain, the feel good hormone, and studies show the giving or receiving of affection in ways such as hugging, cuddling, holding hands, etc. can help us feel better, relive physical pain, reduce anxiety and instill a sense of calm.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure:  The feel-good hormone released during physical touch has been proven, over time, to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Reduces Stress:  By having daily physical contact with someone, you can decrease stress, increase relaxation, and improved sleep.

  • Improves Self-Esteem:  Individuals who are touch deprived are usually less satisfied in their lives and relationships and may suffer from reduced self-esteem.

  • Improves Sense of Well-Being:  Touch deprivation can leave a person feeling disconnected and lonely from people, and society in general. By engaging in regular physical contact with others, one can significantly increase their overall sense of well-being.


Platonic touch/cuddling has proven its worth in the medical and psychological community for many years and now anyone can experience that feeling of comfort in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory environment that offers a wide range of platonic, professional cuddling services.


In Your Arms offers platonic touch therapy through cuddling to help individuals find relief from everyday stress, anxiety and even the loneliness induced by our virtual world with platonic physical interaction – cuddling, holding hands, conversing or any combination therein, all in a safe, warm and confidential environment. Owner Karen Schweiger has over 30+ years experience in the customer care industry and is a Certified Cuddlist practitioner.


Serving Hunterdon County NJ and surrounding areas, as well as virtually worldwide, In Your Arms is committed to making you feel welcome and comfortable with every visit, as well as providing you with the confidentiality and privacy you would expect from any therapeutic practitioner. Clients of all ages (18+) are welcome.

Session rates run $80 per hour and appointments are available Monday through Sunday.


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