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Hello and welcome! I'm excited to be part of what I truly believe will be something special ... a movement towards restoring and nurturing the acceptance of non-sexual touch and it's importance to our mental and physical health. I provide an alternative, holistic approach to well-being no matter what shape, size, gender, etc. in an unconditional and non-judgmental atmosphere where your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed.


I'm empathetic, warm and easy going. I pride myself on being able to see the beauty within people ... for true beauty lies within the soul. One of my favorite quotes is from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross:

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”


During your time with me, your comfort is my primary focus. I am mindful and present, and you will have my undivided attention.

I'm mature (not that my age needs to be mentioned *winks*) and have had decades of life experiences learning the importance of and healing power of touch, including 25 years experience taking care of clients who have experienced life altering and/or catastrophic illnesses/injuries so taking care of my clients is 'in my blood' so to speak.

I have a deep interest in alternative health care options and am pursuing many avenues in holistic wellness, educating myself in as many various practices as I can including meditation and mindfulness practice. The journey has been life-changing and has had a profound effect on my outlook towards life. In fact, I'm going to share my journey on my blog and invite you to join me in the adventure.


I believe nature has the power to heal as well and am a practitcioner of Shinrin-Yoku (Japanese Forest Bathing) and plan to be trained to be a Forest Therapy Guide in the future. In addition to indoor sessions, I'm planning on expanding current services to offer outdoor venues to include gentle walks/hikes in nature and cuddling lakeside.


Session Information

Prior to a session, we will talk via phone and set up a time to either meet via Skype or get together for a cup of coffee/tea at a nearby venue. Confirmation that you've read and understand the Codes of Conduct will be requested, and at that time we can discuss my process, what you're looking for from a session, as well as review the Consent Form/Waiver Form.

If we both feel there's a connection and both parties consent, we will move forward with booking a session! Payment is requested prior to a session. A variety of payment options will be available.

Please note that I require viewing a valid Photo I.D. when we meet.

I have a serene space designed to be warm and inviting, decorated in warm, earthy tones with a variety of lighting options to engage the senses and soothe the spirit. There's even a private bathroom where you can change into your cuddle clothes and freshen up if you wish. The space is smoke- and pet-free, and can be scent-free on request.

I find the use of essential oils exceptionally relaxing so you'll note a gentle scent in the air upon arrival. If you are sensitive to such scents, please let me know and I'll be sure to refrain from use.

Each session will be tailored to your needs, so whether you're in the mood to chat or enjoy a quiet, contemplative cuddle; snuggle to the serene sounds of the ocean or forest; or get lost beneath a canopy of stars, you'll be assured a wonderful experience that will engage your senses, soothe your soul, warm your heart and ease your worries.

My session space is conveniently located, accessible from several major highways, and offers plenty of free parking.

Outcalls will be available for established clients, or those who don't have access to transportation and/or have issue with leaving their home.

Important Note:  I am sensitive to second hand smoke. Even the residue of it on hair or clothing can activate my allergies. Please let me know if you are a smoker so that we can discuss it.

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