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“Karen: I want to express my appreciation for what you did for me. Before coming to you I wasn’t sure how much it would help but from the minute I walked into your door you greeted me with your nice smile making me feel at home. Growing up with a mother that didn’t provide any love and nurture, your session helped me do a lot of healing; with your warmth and compassion I was able to connect to my inner child, receive the necessary nurture for the little child in me, and heal old wounds. Thank you for everything."

B.C. - Social Worker


“I am a Marine veteran who currently lives a life almost completely void of touch. Karen has been a life saver. She’s slowly and carefully walking me through the steps I need to take to get to the life that I want. Her care touch and professionalism are beyond expectation and I’m grateful for her."

Justen T.

“Thanks to you, my body is smiling, my mind is at ease, and I feel an incredible sense of inner peace."

Chris D.

“…The best way I could describe the experience was that of receiving an emotional cuddling, and that of being welcomed and accepted with open arms, just to be held and enveloped in pure warmth, without any expectations and judgment.  Laying there in the simple act of being embraced, held, and feeling of being cared for – that which if we are lucky we received the minute we came into this world – is simple but yet so profound in the emotional and physical impact that it has to the soul.  Karen’s light, easy, caring, breezy spirit and disposition lowered my guard and for those un-rushed 90 minutes, made me feel compassion, acceptance and pure joy from knowing people like her exist. A person that gets out of their comfort zone to sincerely care for and share their healing embrace and spirit with strangers.

After a long busy week of working non-stop, doing, and taking care of others in this mostly virtually connected world, three things I can count on to center me, help me meditate and heal my spirit – my yoga practice, morning running and cuddling in the presence of Karen. Thank heavens for Karen and her cuddling practice indeed. You are New Jersey treasure."


“Karen of In Your Arms is a fantastic professional cuddler and an all around delightful human being. She is the person that introduced me to professional cuddling as a healing modality and did so with sensitivity, grace, and charm. Our sessions are always warm and engaging. We speak for a few minutes to get re-connected since our previous session, then move to the cuddling space in her beautiful, well designed cuddling area. Since the first session, she has established a safe container and invited me into it. The touch that I receive from her always feels healing, respectful and pleasurable.

The interactions as we communicate about our touch boundaries always feel full of respect and deep connection. Karen has a gift for being present and sensitive, two traits that I highly respect and admire in her. I highly recommend contacting her to begin the exploration process of working together with her. The initial phone call, then meeting her for coffee was re-assuring to me. I felt that each of us had the opportunity to get a sense for the other and from there to decide whether working together would be mutually beneficial. I did and I am glad that I am her client."

Bob M., Basking Ridge, NJ

“I'm not one for writing reviews for one such as this essence. Each experience for this type of therapy is of a tremendous, and fabulous, personal nature so I won't go into every detail.

What I can tell you about Karen is that she is a very kind, warm, accommodating and has an all out willingness to make me feel comfortable and safe while we spend time capturing the most important and somewhat complex need of cuddling. Karen is very good at making sure I am satisfying this need by her calm demeanor and has some great ideas for breaking the ice for people that are new and don't know what to expect. I have seen Karen a couple of times now and will continue to do so as she uses her exemplary skills and new ideas to make each visit a new and satisfying experience. Thank you, Karen for helping me fulfill a need that is so vital to keep my sanity!"

Scott, NJ

“Karen is amazing! Her sessions are very professional, conducted in a safe, friendly environment. Her ability to put you at ease is second to none. Feel free to talk about anything, or simply enjoy the sanctity of silence. Human touch is fleeting in our society. With Karen, the hugging experience is genuine and loving. After a session,you will feel completely rejuvenated. Are you missing the human touch? Is life too hectic or stressful? If yes, I highly recommend an hour session."

Mark, NJ

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