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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? Session Information ...


Prior to a session, we will set up a time to talk via phone. Confirmation that you've read and understand the Code of Conduct will be requested, and at that time we can discuss the process, what you're looking for from a session, as well as review the Consent Form/Waiver Form.

​If both parties consent, we will move forward with booking a session! (Please note that I require viewing a a valid Photo I.D. when we meet.) Payment is requested prior to a session and a variety of payment options will be available.

​​I have a serene space designed to be warm and inviting, decorated in warm, earthy tones with a variety of lighting options to engage the senses and soothe the spirit. There's even a private bathroom where you can change into your cuddle clothes and freshen up if you wish. The space is smoke- and pet-free, and can be scent-free on request.

​Each session will be tailored to your needs, so whether you're in the mood to chat or enjoy a quiet, contemplative cuddle; snuggle to the serene sounds of the ocean or forest; or get lost beneath a canopy of stars, you'll be assured a wonderful experience that will engage your senses, soothe your soul, warm your heart and ease your worries.

​My studio is conveniently located, accessible from several major highways, and offers plenty of free parking.

​Out-calls will be available for established clients, or those who don't have access to transportation and/or have other extenuating circumstances.

How much does a session cost?


Your initial consultation is free and confidential. A session costs $80.00 per hour, and the typical initial session length is one to two hours, although returning clients can request up to 5 hours. If you are unable to make it to my studio due extenuating circumstances, I do offer out-call sessions as well. If you are disabled, travel fees will be waived. Please contact me for more information.

What forms of payment are accepted?


Currently I accept cash, check or pre-payment through PayPal, but shortly you'll be able to pay via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

What should I wear?


Please wear something that you are comfortable in. Pajama pants and sweats are popular cuddle wear. A minimum of shorts and a t-shirt is required for both practitioner and client. 

What is okay and not okay to talk about during a session?


Compassionate listening can be a wonderful part of a cuddle session. Cuddling can also be a wonderful place to not have to talk and to enjoy comfortable silence with another. How much we talk and what we talk about is entirely up to you/us. I am not a counselor or coach, and even if I was in other parts of my life, that is not part of a cuddle session. I will be happy to listen and be honest with you about how much is too much for me in terms of what you share. Everything is confidential unless you share any information of an illegal nature or the intention to do harm.

More FAQ's coming soon ...


I'm currently working on a comprehensive list of FAQ's. Please check back soon!

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